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Metal Lux

If it’s the wow factor that you are looking for look no further than Metal Lux Lighting. With over 30 years’ worth of experience, this family run business has its roots set in design crazy Venice, so it is no surprise that Metal Lux’s contemporary and traditional interior lighting ranges are causing a worldwide stir. Metal Lux was born from an engineering background specializing in classical metalwork, glass and Venetian crystal so it is no wonder that Metal Lux offer a fantastic comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional lighting.

Metal Lux sets its self apart from its contemporaries by being one of the only light manufacturers in the world to ‘chromate’ their own metal, paint or dip their classical metalwork, make all the Venetian glass and Venetian crystal in house by hand, to add to this all their gold products is actually 24k gold, this is very unusual in lighting manufacturing, but it makes for a very high quality contemporary and traditional range.

Metal Lux
Metal Lux Brand Information
Country of Origin Venice, Italy
Established 30 years' experience
Ranges Astro, Arena, Corallo, Diva, Gaia, Goccia, Icaro, Medusa, Nido, Saturno, Stilla, Dedalo, Verona, Padova, Treviso, Opera, Falstaff, Capriccio, Sinfonia, Flex, Rondo, Argo, Sirio, Orione, Zeus, Gold Fire, Brick, Scherzo, Sonata, Igloo, Kendo, Free Spirit, Free Spirit Classic, Ofelia, Amleto, Fenice, Helipolis, Camelot, Ginevra, Amleto, Poseidone, Trovatore, Ca ‘Venier, Ca ‘Tron, Ca ‘Cornaro, Ca’ Amata, Ca ‘Favorita, Ca ‘Pesaro, Ca ‘D’oro, Ca’ Bembo, Ca ‘Pisani, Lotto, Perugino, Veronese, G. Da Pisa, Masaccio, Martini, Botticelli, Giorgione, Bellini, Masolino, Ghirlandaio, Della Francesca, Tiziano, Cimabue, Palma.
Product Category Wall light, ceiling light, table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, spotlight, track lighting.
Product Room Type Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room, & Kitchen.
Applications Home, domestic, residential & commercial.
Designers Metal Lux
Price Range £50-£25000
Guarantee 12 mths
Colours Clear, white, black, and wenge, orange, blue, brown, beige, grey, yellow, amber, silver & satin.
Finish Chrome, antique, bronze, anthracite, satin & gold.
Materials Steel, chrome, aluminium, tempered glass, acrylic polycarbonate, opal polycarbonate, wood, plasticized cotton, silk, cotton, mirror, opal glass & sandblasted glass.
Dispatched 1-2 Weeks
Speciality Chromate their own metals, manufacture Venetian crystal glass in house, 24k gold products.

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