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LPD (Leeds Plywood & Doors) have been at the forefront of importing and distributing high quality internal and external doors for over 30 years. They have built their ethos on customer satisfaction and their experience has meant they have been able to refine their collection to include on the finest doors. LPD provide an incredible 10 year guarantee from delivery date on all doors they supply, meaning peace of mind when you order.

LPD’s range varies from contemporary styles to more traditionally styled doors. They are also available in a great range of woods, finishes, sizes and glazing options, making their doors suitable in modern and classically styled homes.

LPD Brand Information
Country of Origin Various
Established 30 years' experience
Styles Modern, contemporary, traditional & classical
Product Category Door, internal door, external door, front door, wooden door, hardwood door, glazed door
Product Room Type Bathroom, Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen & External.
Applications Home, domestic, residential, & exterior.
Price Range £35-£540
Guarantee 10 years
Colours Brown & white.
Finish Chrome, antique, nickel, wood & aluminium.
Materials Hardwood, oak, pine, beech, walnut, cherry, composite, glass.
Dispatched 2-4 Days
Environment LPD follow a thorough policy to ensure they have a positive impact on the environment.

These are our favourite LPD products...