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LeisureBench is a well respected and sought after collection of outdoor garden furniture. Their reputation in the UK for supplying high quality outdoor products at competitive prices is second to none. LeisureBench pride themselves on constantly adding new and innovative products, as well as adapting to new trends and popular styles, so they can provide and fulfil specific needs. They work closely with customers to continue to identify new product opportunities so that LeisureBench can continue to be at the forefront of providing products that meet and exceed requirements.

The products that are available from LeisureBench are specifically picked so that they cover the traditional and contemporary market. LeisureBench has supplied to Public Houses, Hotels, Wine Bars, Schools, Garden Designers, the general public and many more. In all sectors, LeisureBench strives to be the preffered supplier of quality outdoor products.

The high quality products that LeisureBench provide to their customers is something that they are recognised for. They work very hard to ensure the highest standard of workmanship and reliability. Only products that meet the high standards that LeisureBench demand, are included in the range.

LeisureBench is increasingly taking the environment into consideration when choosing it's suppliers. It works closely with its current suppliers to make sure all ethical standards are met, whilst continuing to look for ways to offset Carbon emissions.

Above all, LeisureBench are forever keen to improve an already sterling customer satisfaction record, as it is key to the success of the company.

Leisure Bench
LeisureBench Brand Information
Country of Origin TBC
Established TBC
Styles Modern, contemporary, luxury, traditional, classical & urban
Product Category Outdoor dining tables, outdoor chairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor coffee tables, furniture sets & benches
Product Room Type Outdoor, Garden & Patio
Applications Home, domestic, residential, exterior & commercial
Designers TBC
Price Range £72-£3234
Guarantee LeisureBench have a warranty for a period of ninety days from the date of delivery
Colours Brown, silver, black, red, yellow, green, blue, grey & white
Finish Wood, matt, natural & brushed
Materials Teak, Hardwood, Aluminium, Rattan, Resin, Polywood & Stainless Steel
Dispatched 7-10 Days
Environment LeisureBench works closely with its suppliers to make sure ethical standards are met and is looking at ways to offset carbon emissions

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