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Globo Lighting is an Austrian manufacturer of lights with plenty of experience and expertise in the lighting field. The Globo Lighting range includes a vast number of products, covering every type of light, design and service there is to offer; from the bedroom and dining room to garden and sensored safety lights, they cover everything you need. Globo Lighting manufactures designer lighting for interiors, modern or traditional, commercial, architectural, outdoor lighting, LED and Urban lighting.

Globo Lighting distribute their products to over 50 countries, and the cornerstones for Globo Lighting's successful future are research, development and design, and this consistent implementation of this concept is not only a major competitive advantage.

A product from Globo Lighting is something that will stand out when needed whilst being practical and doing it's job. High quality products as standard and a customer satisfaction guarenteed, Globo Lighting are without question a market leader when it comes to unique design, fast delivery, quality of manufacture or huge stock selection. This is why Digital High Street have selected Globo Lighting as a lighting provider.

Globo Lighting
Globo Lighting Brand Information
Country of Origin Austria
Established 1998
Styles Modern, contemporary, traditional, classical & urban
Product Category Wall light, ceiling light, table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, spotlight, lampost, bollard, pedestal, LED, security , motion sensors, infra-red, swimming pool, street lighting.
Product Room Type Bathroom, Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room, & Kitchen.
Applications Home, domestic, residential, office, exterior & commercial.
Price Range £35-£1050
Colours Clear, white, black, and wenge, orange, blue, brown, beige, grey, yellow, amber, silver & satin.
Finish Chrome, antique, nickel & aluminium.
Materials Steel, chrome, aluminium, tempered glass, acrylic polycarbonate, opal polycarbonate, plasticized cotton, silk, cotton, mirror, opal glass, sandblasted glass.
Dispatched 2-4 Days

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